Koti ni Eden Nursery

Tested Varieties for Zambia

Koti ni Eden Nursery is an initiative of the Foundation for Cross-cultural Education.  It started in the year 2000 with 4.5 ha of orchard. We brought in 75 different varieties of fruit trees from South Africa, Tanzania, India and many other countries to be tested for their suitability in Zambian conditions and climate.  6 years later we have developed a nursery with 35 varieties which were proven in our orchard to be suitable for Zambia.  From here we have started  producing trees in our nursery.  More than 100 000 fruit trees have been sold to farmers in Zambia the last couple of years. The purpose is to produce quality fruit trees that can be grown successfully in Zambia, even on commercial scale. Our second purpose is to fight deforestation.  By producing fruit trees, we address not only deforestation, but also food security. Koti ni Eden Nursery is part of the Agriculture Faculty of the FCE University College. Orchard and nursery management form part of the 2 year certificate in Agriculture which is presented by FCE.

International standards

Tested varieties for Zambia.

Certified rootstock seed from South-Africa.

15 000 citrus, mango and other trees, 

ready for sale.

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Koti ni Eden Nursery

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